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Save Kitchen Confidential & KC marathon on F/X--Bless 'em!! [11|17|05]
[ mood | still hopeful ]


Hey Everyone!!

There's a "Save Kitchen Confidential" petition at the KC boards. Please mosey over there and sign. It's at 1082 now. Let's push it up!!

Click here if you want KC to stay

And to those who don't know...F/X will be airing a Kitchen Confidential marathon on November 27th.

They're airing two shows we haven't see yet. So cool.

Please start writing F/X now and let them know this is a wonderful move on their part and to please give this show a chance.

Okay, I'm done begging.

No, I'm not.


x-posted to every kitchen confidential community I could find.

ETA: According to futoncritic.com, the KC marathon has been scrapped to air "Stacked".

I have no words, but my mood has changed from "still hopeful" to "WTF?"

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Kitchen Confidential Icons [10|14|05]


60 multi-fandom icons can be found here.

22 Arrested Development
11 Will Arnett (With Amy Poehler, David Cross, & Bateman)
08 Song Lyrics (Kelly Clarkson, Squeeze, Beastie Boys, Kyle Riabko, Nikka Costa, Herbie Hancock & John Mayer)
07 Saturday Night Live (Season 31, Andy Samberg)
06 Josh Holloway
03 Kitchen Confidential
03 Big Cup (NYC)
60 Total

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Cross-posted losts of places, apologies in advance if you see it more than once.

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Man, who just watched the first episode and was completely fucking hooked?

Uhhhh me.

Heyyy I'm Dorothy and I might be posting icons soon. This is crossposted.
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Message [07|19|05]
Welcome to the community. Any developing news of Kitchen Confidential will be posted here. On the meantime, welcome and hope you all are looking forward to the show as much as I am!
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