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Save Kitchen Confidential & KC marathon on F/X--Bless 'em!!


Hey Everyone!!

There's a "Save Kitchen Confidential" petition at the KC boards. Please mosey over there and sign. It's at 1082 now. Let's push it up!!

Click here if you want KC to stay

And to those who don't know...F/X will be airing a Kitchen Confidential marathon on November 27th.

They're airing two shows we haven't see yet. So cool.

Please start writing F/X now and let them know this is a wonderful move on their part and to please give this show a chance.

Okay, I'm done begging.

No, I'm not.


x-posted to every kitchen confidential community I could find.

ETA: According to, the KC marathon has been scrapped to air "Stacked".

I have no words, but my mood has changed from "still hopeful" to "WTF?"
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